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Home page for Brian Fraser and the Brian Fraser Trio.
Award winning finger-pickiní blues guitarist and band.

Great site for everything harmonica related!
Loads more harp links too.

Home page for one of Australiaís greatest blues harp players! Not only one of my greatest inspirations, but one of my biggest supporters.

This is the site for the best customised harmonicas in the southern hemisphere, and certainly some of the best on the planet.
Some of Neilís customers include: Jim Conway, Chris Wilson
(and† me!).

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Good strings cheap!

Nice guys, good gear, good service. Great luthier downstairs (Rohan). I prefer to support small businesses like these guys and not the corporate music conglomerates. (you know who you are!)

Harmonica Lessons


If you live in the Geelong, Victoria region and are interested in getting harmonica lessons with Mick, just click the Harmonica Lessons link above to email your inquiry or ring the phone number at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can click the Music Teachers Online icon below and follow the page links:

Geelong > Music Services > Geelong, VIC > Harmonica Lessons > Mick Reid Crowley.


Mick has been a authorized instructor of the Jim Conway Harmonica Course since 2000.

Private, one to one tuition as well as group workshops are available.

Check out IMPORTANT DATES on the Gigs page for scheduled times that workshops are on. The workshops are programmed for beginners through to intermediate to advanced levels (held separately).

Website for Antique Electronic Supply. Good range of tubes, amp hardware, speakers and all things that make your amps go!

All the best vintage, boutique, and new pedals and modifications.

These guys modded my Tube Screamer TS-9 to the old TS 808 specs, sounds great!

To view the Mick Reid Electronic Press Kit, click the image below:

Music Teachers Online - A directory of music lessons and music education services

To go to Mickís myspace page click here:† Mick Reid on

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